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Друзья! Как максимально точно перевести выражение: "Learning a language isn't as simple as all that"? А то тут спор разгорелся. Контекст, кому интересен:

Int. So, make sure the idioms you learnt are up-to-date. Now, how about pronunciation? A lot of students find that hard.

Anna: English intonation is awful! I mean, I think it's the most difficult part of pronunciation, because if you get it wrong, people think you're rude. Intonation is far more difficult than learning to pronounce words correctly. It's important to learn both formal and informal English — how to ask for information, how to be polite. Let me give you an example. My English teacher phoned me yesterday asking about something he wanted to know and I just said "no". Then, when I thought about it afterwards, I realized that I had sounded rude. I should have said "I'm afraid I don't know" — or something like that. Learning social English is very useful, take writing letters in English for example.

Int. What advice would you give to people who are just beginning to learn English?

Anna: I find reading very helpful — I read books, newspapers, magazines and other periodicals. I try to guess the meaning of words I don't know from their context. This helps me to read more quickly. But I also look words up in the dictionary and make a note of the most useful ones.

Int. How about listening to pop music?

Anna: Yes — that can be useful. I was a bit disappointed actually, because some songs have such silly words, though the music is lovely. Listening to the radio and watching videos and educational TV programmes in English help me, too. Especially listening to the news. I was very proud when I realized that I could easily get the idea of what I was listening to.

Int. As I can see, learning a language isn't as simple as all that. You can learn rules for grammar and pronunciation and also for vocabulary, but the most difficult feature of any language is perhaps learning the elements for which there are no written rules — for example "social English". This means learning about expected ways of behaviour, knowing what sort of English to use in different situations, formal or informal and how to understand what is said, all that is so easy and natural in your mother tongue.

Всё перевели гладенько, а об эту фразу споткнулись. Смысл её непонятен.
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